My name is Emily Marie.  Like most people, I enjoy my time eating and experiencing good food, especially when it portrait-4327involves sugary sweets.  I create sweet things, photograph them, and then write about those adventures here on this blog, the good and the bad.

  I grew up in the countryside of Florida, then Tennesee, and am now nestled in the tranquil foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains here in Virginia.  I spent a lot of time in the kitchen as a young child and was most likely to be found covered in flour helping my mother roll out biscuits or at my grandmother’s snapping beans or peeling potatoes for one of her Sunday roasts.  My grandmother almost always had a cake or some other sugary confection sitting on her countertop after a meal, you would rarely leave her house in the evening without consuming it.  It was kind of inevitable that I grew up with such a sweet tooth.
  As much as I was in the kitchen as a young child, it wasn’t until my early teenage years that I became enthralled with the art of baking, so I began to bake from the various cookbooks my mother had collected over the years.  Each little detail fascinated me; the way cake would rise into the light, moist layers; kneaded dough transformed into crispy browned loaves of bread, and how beaten egg whites and sugar turned into delicious, smooth meringue.  

  I then discovered the vast world of food blogging and all the talented photographers therein.  It inspired me to create my own recipes and to document the journey with my camera, which then lead me to create this space.

  I’ve always been captivated by little details of the imperfect; a half iced cake, the dirt stained hands of a gardener, a well-worn set of plates. I’m drawn to the light that shines through windows, casting soft shadows into a room; and flowers, which light up even the darkest of days.  I like things that display wear and tear, as each dent or scratch has a story about it and that is the very thing that makes it beautiful in my eyes.  It has seen pain, suffering, and failure; beauty, joy, and success.  That is what makes it whole.
  When it comes to food, I like it wholesome and fresh. I am fascinated by its very being; how it is grown, prepared, and then made into something unique by hands all over the world and is then passed down from generation to generation.  How it connects many people and cultures, bringing us closer together in times of distress and time of prosperity, it’s a beautiful thing to me. 

  – Emily